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GRP Roofing in Carlisle

Proline Roofing are the experts in installing top quality GRP roofing in Carlisle systems at exceptionally competitive prices. As the number one firm for GRP roofing in Carlisle, we mostly use Topseal GRP fibreglass flat roofing materials on our installations and were one of the first companies in the UK to use the product.

Our exceptional results as well as a solid reputation helps to ensure that we are consistently accredited from the nationally recognised certification scheme for Topseal roofing installers.

State of the Art GRP Roofing Solutions in Carlisle

Specially designed as the epitome of flat roof solutions, GRP glass fibre looks and reacts like a solitary, seamless sheet of material for more than 25 years; this doesn’t leak, rot, bubble, shrink or crack, yet continues to look like it’s just been installed for many years. Great for any kind of flat roof, from domestic house extensions, to blocks of flats and industrial complexes, GRP fibreglass is entirely BBA certified and manufactured to give your home or office waterproof protection for an estimated A century.

The GRP fibreglass system is a whole new generation of flat roofing that gives the answer to the well-known issue of leaky felt roofs. Fibreglass can be described as permanent assured solution to fix all flat roofing problems because its seamless system removes every problem (along with the short expected life of traditional felt & bitumen materials) connected with flat roofs.

Some Of Our Recent Projects

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Why a Fibreglass GRP roof in Carlisle?

We’ve been supplying fibreglass roofing in Carlisle for more than a decade. Fibreglass roofing is truly one of our preferred roofing systems and it’s easy to see the reason why.

  • GRP roofing has a lengthy life expectancy – 3 decades or more
  • It is extremely strong and features a very durable finish
  • We use it cold therefore there isn’t any smelly, dangerous bitumen
  • It will form and mould around unusual shapes
  • Excellent if you need a really cost-effective flat roofing solution
  • In addition, this can be a fully maintenance free solution

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Our expert tradesmen will create a smooth, even roofing surface to suit your needs that is impermeable to precipitation and long-lasting.

If your flat roof is suffering from leaks, is ageing or you simply believe the time is right for your new roof, call us and we’ll describe the advantages of GRP roofing in Carlisle to you and provide a free no obligation quote. Contact us today.